Detajet e Vendndodhjes për Trabzon Airport

Hours & Services
14 July 2024
Monday 7:00;0:00 - 23:59;2:30
Tuesday 0:00;7:00 - 2:30;23:59
Wednesday 0:00;7:00 - 2:30;23:59
Thursday 0:00;7:00 - 2:30;23:59
Friday 0:00;7:00 - 2:30;23:59
Saturday 0:00;7:00 - 2:30;23:59
Sunday 0:00;7:00 - 2:30;23:59


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Politikat e marrjes me qira

Additional Driver

A daily charge of 7.00 EUR up to a maximum 105.00 EUR per rental for each additional authorized driver. Additional driver requests should be made at the start of rental. Full rental conditions apply to all additional drivers. All insurances are valid for the additional driver or at the time of driving by the additional driver if included on the rental agreement. All fees quoted include VAT.

Udhëzimet nga terminali

Rental office is located in terminal. Shuttle service is not required. Our rental counter is located within the car rental facility inside the terminal building alongside other rental companies. Please follow signs for car rentals.